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【TOEFL Words Lists】4000+ words you need to know to understand TOEFL Reading & Listening

If you want to improve your TOEFL Listening & Reading score, these videos are perfect for you!! Free Video lesson for TOEFL Vocabulary! You’re gonna love it! Updating….!!   TOEFL Words Lists – Topic 01. Geography vocabulary   TOEFL Words Lists – Topic 02. Geology vocabulary   TOEFL Words Lists – Topic 03. Animals vocabulary…

TOEFL Reading

Strategies & Materials for TOEFL Reading Question Types ①-“Closest in meaning to”Type

What is the “Closest in meaning to”Type? These「Closest in meaning to」questions which are some of the easiest questions in the Reading section will ask you to choose the best synonym for a particular word depending on context. 【For example】 resource: Strategies & Materials for TOEFL Vocabulary Questions Sometimes the answer choices will try to trick you…