What is the “Closest in meaning to”Type?

These「Closest in meaning to」questions which are some of the easiest questions in the Reading section will ask you to choose the best synonym for a particular word depending on context.

【For example】



Strategies & Materials for TOEFL Vocabulary Questions

Sometimes the answer choices will try to trick you by offering choices that are similar to the dictionary definition of this word, but not even close to its meaning in the context. But you have to remember that this is asking you to choose the best synonym for this word depending on context of the sentence. So you’d better try all the answer choices and see which answer choice fits the blank best in the context.

① Memorize TOEFL words with their Synonymous Words

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② 『Pro TOEFL Vocabulary Bible』

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The First 99 Words for you to learn:

  1. a matter of speculation =supposition
  2. a solicitation of =an invitation of
  3. abandoned= left
  4. aberrant= abnormal
  5. abort= quit
  6. abrupt=sudden
  7. abruptly= suddenly
  8. absorb =appeal
  9. absorb= learn
  10. absorb= take in
  11. abstract= not concrete
  12. absurd= ridiculous
  13. abundance= great number
  14. abundance= large amount
  15. abundant = affluent
  16. abundant= ample
  17. abundant= numerous
  18. abundant=plentiful
  19. abundant= substantial
  20. abundant=ample
  21. abundantly= plentifully
  22. access=reach
  23. accessible =easy to reach
  24. accessible =reachable
  25. accidental =unexpected
  26. accommodate= provide for
  27. accomplished =achieved
  28. accomplished =skilled
  29. account for= explain
  30. account= description
  31. accumulate =collect
  32. accumulate =pile up
  33. accumulate=build up
  34. accurate =correct
  35. accurately= correctly
  36. acknowledge= recognize
  37. actually= in fact
  38. added =extra
  39. adept =skilled
  40. adherent= supporter
  41. adherent=advocate
  42. adjacent =nearby
  43. adjacent =neighboring
  44. adjust= modify
  45. administer = manage
  46. admit= let in
  47. adopt= enact
  48. advance= improvement
  49. advent= arrival
  50. advent= beginning
  51. affair= matter
  52. afford=provide
  53. aggravate=annoy
  54. aggravate=increase
  55. aggregate= combined
  56. aggregate= overall
  57. aggregation=group
  58. agile= astute
  59. agile= clever
  60. agile= move and act quickly
  61. agile= quick and active
  62. air= feeling
  63. alarm= sound
  64. alarm= warning
  65. albeit =even though
  66. albeit= although
  67. allow=enable
  68. allude to= refer to
  69. allude= suggest
  70. ally with= link to
  71. alter= change to
  72. amazing= remarkable/replacement
  73. ambiguous =vague
  74. ambivalent =mixed
  75. ample =spacious
  76. ample= plentiful
  77. anchor= hold in place
  78. ancient =antique
  79. ancient= old
  80. annihilate =completely remove
  81. annihilate= destroy
  82. annihilated=destroy
  83. annually= yearly
  84. anomaly= irregularity
  85. antagonist =competitor
  86. anticipate= expect
  87. antiseptic =clean
  88. antithesis= opposite
  89. antler =horn
  90. anxiety =worry
  91. apart from =except
  92. apart from= exception
  93. apparatus= equipment
  94. apparent =obvious
  95. apparently= clearly
  96. apparently=seemingly
  97. bustling=busy
  98. appeal= attraction
  99. appealing =attractive

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